Katie is our resident groomer, having extensive experience with 10 years salon experience, and three years with Wyndham Kennels.

Whether you are after a tidy up, or a complete make-over, Katie can help you out. There are discounts available for those boarding with the Kennel. Grooming services range from $30 to $80, depending on the dog, condition and treatments required. Dogs with long coats will incur an additional $25 bath and blow-dry fee.

Any pets with large knots or matting will be groomed at our discretion, and a grooming fee will be charged accordingly.

Wyndham Kennels can also supply a pick up and drop of service within a 25 km radius. Please call for availability. Prices begin from $40 per family, each way. Individual prices will be quoted on booking.

Katie also offers Doggie Daycare (subject to availability), with playtime and/or grooming available. Call us today for a quote.

After hours service may be available upon request, and will be charged at $15 per 15 minute block after 5pm (payable at pickup).

Staff must be notifed in advance and may not be available at short notice.

We reserve the right to deny after hours is not always available. Please do not assume after hours service!

It may only take you 5 minutes to come in and get your dog and then leave again, but it can take us another hour to ensure the other dogs in our care are settle again for the night. Our staff must be paid for this extra time. It is a huge responsibility and a lot of work to care for your pets during the day and everyone deserves their well-earned break. We hope you understand.

Please tick the 'grooming' option when booking your pets stay via the booking enquiry system in this site. You are welcome to contact me directly too. My mobile number is below.

Katie - 0408 325 950